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Thursday, March 17, 2016

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Gay Couple Burned With Boiling Water By Mother’s Boyfriend!

A 21-year-old and his boyfriend, Anthony Gooden, were severely burned last month when the men say Gooden’s mother’s boyfriend walked in on them sleeping in Gooden’s College Park apartment and poured scalding water all over them.

“I can barely think straight because of the burning, the stinging is everywhere,” Tolbert said. Tolbert spent 10 days at Grady Memorial Hospital undergoing surgery that took skin from his thigh to replace skin on his back. He however got out of hospital last week Friday.

Martin Blackwell, 48, remains in the Fulton County Jail, charged with two counts of aggravated

“Martin pulled me up and said, ‘Get out of my house with all that gay,'” Tolbert said. “I couldn’t stop screaming.”

Even though he said he wouldn’t put up with the couple in his house, Blackwell did not live in that apartment. It belonged to Gooden and his mother, but Blackwell was frequently visiting.

According to a police report obtained by Channel 2 Action News, Blackwell said he was disgusted by the men’s relationship, telling police, “They’ll be all right. It was just a little hot water on them.”

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Woman Shares Photos Of Injuries She Suffered After Her Husband Beat Her!

Ja 'Kara Palmore, a US based woman shared these photos of her face swollen up after her husband of a year beat her blue back following a disagreement. She wrote:

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: 20 Year Old Woman Brutally Beating By Cop Ex-Boyfriend For Refusing To Take Him Back!

20-year-old Nguyen Thi Phuonh Than was severely attacked by her police officer ex-boyfriend Tran Minh Trung, 24, at a cafe in Hai Phong City, Vietnam, where she is working on Tuesday, March 15.

According to witnesses, Trung grabbed Thao by the hair and pushed her head hard into the floor, and reportedly hit her on the face. After a while he walked out of the coffee shop to his motorbike and returned with a pair of scissors. 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Woman Who Almost Got Blinded By Her Abusive Husband in Lagos Recovers From Severe Injury!

Remember Fatima Bankole? The woman whose husband battered & almost blinded her in July 2014 for allegedly taking fish his last wife's pot of soup? (Read story here). She had 26 stitches on her face as a result of the brutal assault but has since recovered.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Worst Domestic Violence Case Ever Recorded By The Police!

These are the horrific burns inflicted by a thug who poured boiling water over a mother-of-two in one of theworst domestic violence cases ever seen by police.

Jason McLean broke into Suzanne Thomas' home the day after she dumped him and left her fearing for her life. He threatened her with a knife , kicked her to the floor and stamped on her head and then emptied a full kettle over her.

As Suzanne lay screaming in agony McLean went to boil the water a second time - but was only prevented from tipping that over her when he heard police sirens.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Jealous Sister Tortured & Killed 17 Year Old Model!

A 17 year old girl Russian model, Stefania Dubrovina, from St Petersburg has been  allegedly stabbed to death by her jealous older sister who gouged her eyes out, cut off her ears then stabbed her140 times  Her corpse was found mutilated after her sister 19 year old Elizaveta allegedly attacked her while high on drugs .
The sisters who are orphans grew up in foster homes and orphanages and ran away several times before they started living together.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Thursday, January 21, 2016

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Woman Wickedly Battered By Her Ex-Husband For Not Answering His Phone Calls!

A woman in Kawangware, Nairobi was left without a tooth and broken arm after her ex-husband beat her up. Lydia Nyanchama, a private school teacher said Stephen Omondi, a mechanic based in Westlands, on Sunday, January 17, beat her for not answering his phone calls.

In an interview, she narrated the cause of her action :

Monday, January 11, 2016

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Man Accused Of Murdering His Partner & Kids Who Fled To Ghana Is Finally Arrested!

Arthur Simpson-Kent, 48, who was living with his partner, Sian Blake, an Actress and is accused of murdering her and their two young sons, 4 and 8, then fled from UK to his hometown, Ghana, has been tracked down and finally arrested. Arthur was arrested over the weekend at a beach in Ghana. 

He fathers 8 children from 6 women. His first babymama had granted Dailymail an interview when his pictured surfaced as a murderer saying his first child, their 18-year old daughter said she can’t stand to see her father being called a murderer in the pages of newspapers even though he has never been there for her. The woman however said, Arthur is a callous man and she was sure he had returned to Ghana after the murder and advised him to kill himself before the police find him. 

Friday, January 8, 2016

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Woman Stabbed On The Cheek Undergoes Successful Surgery!

Fatuma Ibrahim who was allegedly stabbed on the cheek by her husband with a knife that went through her skull is making a slow but sure recovery after surgeons at the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) performed a successful operation on her.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Woman Blogs Her Own Rape, Just Few Minutes After The Incidents !!!

A 27-year-old South African rape survivor and activist named Amber Amour live-blogged her own alleged 'sexual assault a few minutes after it happened. Amber, who is promoting a new campaign called 'Stop Rape. Educate.', started the campaign when she was raped in New York City and then got raped again in Nov. 2015. Above is what she wrote immediately after the alleged rape.. see plenty more, plus naked photos of Amber she shared herself & reaction from people.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: See What A Woman Did To Her 9 Year Old Housemaid in Lagos!

9 year old Chinwendu Precious is currently receiving treatment at a private hospital in Lagos after her madam, 26 year old Ifeoma Mbakwe poured hot water on her for failing to carry out an instruction at their Alagbado residence in Lagos on December 27th 2015. PM News reports that Mbakwe who hails from Anambra state has been arrested and is currently in police custody.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Husband Stabbed Wife On The Cheek!

Fatima Ibrahim was allegedly attacked with a knife by her husband in Khorof Harar, Kenya. According to Modern Kenyan Corps, the knife is still stuck to her cheek because Doctors at Wajir County hospital are still trying to figure out a safe way to remove the knife without causing more damage...

UK NEWS: 15 Year Old Girl Confessed To Murders Of Mum & Mum's Boyfriend' Facing Life Imprisonment!

A teenage girl who allegedly confessed to the murders of her mum and mother's boyfriend faces life in prison if convicted.
The remains of Rosie Sanchez, 38, and Anderson Nunez, 40, were discovered at their Brooklyn apartment around 8pm on Sunday.
Sanchez's 15-year-old daughter Destiny Garcia has now been charged as an adult with two counts of second-degree murder and two counts of criminal possession of a weapon.
It is alleged that she confessed to a cousin that she killed them because her mum's boyfriend repeatedly raped her, police said.
She allegedly later said it was her mother who was abusive, and that Nunez would not help her.
The cousin is believed to have called police, who found the decomposing bodies after conducting a welfare check, Pix11 reported.
Speaking outside Kings County Supreme Courthouse, Garcia's lawyer Peter Guadagnino said: "She understands the seriousness of the case."

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Man Beat His Wife Because She Greeted Her Pastor!

According to Tolu Meduna who shared the photos on Facebook, Mrs Comfort Oluwaseun Adebowale was brutally beaten by her husband Olorode Abimbola Gbenga for allegedly exchanging pleasantries with her pastor.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

DOMESTICT VIOLENCE: Woman Woke To Find Neighbor Raping Her & Filming Her!

                         Jessica McDonald, 22, who has spoken out about the horrific moment she woke to find her neighbour raping her - while filming the sickening assault on his mobile phone
A woman has spoken about the horrific moment she woke to find her neighbour raping her while filming the sickening assault on his mobile phone .
Jessica McDonald, 22, had gone to her friend Glen Mills' house for a drink and a catch up but she fell asleep on a sofa bed.
When she opened her eyes she found she was completely naked and the 31-year-old was on top of her.
Mills, who was jailed for six years in September, used the flash on his phone to take videos and pictures of the horrific attack while she was asleep.

Single mum Jessica, from Newcastle, said she screamed for Mills to get off her and tried to push him away but he ignored her pleas. 

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Nigerian Student killed in Cyprus,by Another Nigerians !

The story is a bit weird and a little confusing. According to reports from other Nigerian students in Cyrus, Ebinabo Mendeinyo (pictured left) was allegedly stabbed to death by other Nigerians in Cyrus on Dec. 26th at his student apartment. The initial story was that he jumped from the 6th floor of his apartment building out of fear when the boys came to confront him, but the Cyprus police have ruled that out after they found stab wounds on his body.