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ENTERTAINMENTS: Couple Caught Having S*x on a Car Bonnet in Broad Daylight (Photos)

A couple have been pursued from a car after they were caught bonking on the car bonnet in broad daylight.

The randy couple caught having s*x on the car bonnet
A s*x-hungry couple left people ashonished after they were caught bonking on a car bonnet near an Asda supermarket as a third person watched the lovemaking, reports Sun UK.
The incident happend in broad daylight in Manchester on Saturday February 4 and was captured on CCTV as the man pulled down the woman’s leggings as she bends over the silver Skoda.
And a second bloke lingers beside them and appears to put a finger in her mouth. The incredible scene, next to the entrance to an Asda, was filmed by Itchie Akhtar whose cousin confronted the amorous trio and forced them to flee. His cousin was understandably furious the frisky couple had chosen his car.
Shocked Itchie, 31, said: “We couldn’t believe what we were seeing.


“They were so open about it. It was absolutely hilarious to watch but my cousin was more concerned about his car getting dirty.

“We saw this group of three people come into view on the CCTV and we actually thought they were going to damage the cars so that’s why we were watching.
“We were all going crazy, laughing, shouting. This was broad daylight, 2pm, right in front of Asda. Anyone could have walked past but they didn’t have a care in the world.

“This other guy was hanging around like a weirdo and when he put his finger in her mouth, we just lost it. There were people walking past on the main street, not even 30 yards away.
“I’ve never seen anything like it.”
The romp took place just yards from a sign on the side of the supermarket that reads ‘CCTV in operation’.
Itchie said: “I have no idea what they were doing, especially the third wheel. It didn’t even look like he was talking to them, just hanging around being awkward.

“That’s got to be one of the weirdest fetishes I’ve seen. I don’t recognise them so I’m not sure if they’re local or were just out having a bit of fun on a Saturday afternoon. Either way, it was really odd.

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